American Relocation - The Other Side of the Migration Story

Immigration is an issue in dozens of nations, but interest is focused on the migration from poorer nations to wealthier nations. What about the reverse? New Global Initiatives has completed a ground-breaking series of surveys of the American people on the subject of their relocation to other nations for periods in excess of two years for reasons other than their jobs, military service, or education.

To lay the foundation for further study, our initial effort was to contract with the non-profit, non-partisan Migration Policy Institute, one of the world's most respected research institutes devoted to the study of global migration, to undertake the very first professional study ever done of American relocation from the US to Panama and Mexico. A multi-month effort involving studies in both nations, this pioneer work begins to clarify the other side of the story of migration story in the northern half of the western hemisphere. MPI's 72-page report can be downloaded here.

The MPI study was an important beginning, but NGI's focus is global. As a result, we have completed the first professional surveys of the American people on the subject of voluntary relocation to all nations in partnership with IBOPE-Zogby, one of America's leading opinion research organizations. Nine surveys have been completed from 2005 through 2011. Over 120,000 adult Americans have participated. Conducted over a period of more than six years, New Global Initiatives, now in partnership with America Wave, Inc., has effectively undertaken a longitudinal study of American relocation and we intend to update our statistics on a regular basis.

In partnership with other organizations, New Global is searching for useful ways in which to serve the needs of the growing numbers of Americans relocating to other nations. If your organization is interested in the possibility of working with us, please contact us.